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Our Equipment is ready and waiting for you


We own and maintain our own fleet of trucks, trailers and fork lifts so they are ready to perform the job you need done. Our new warehouse doubles as our garage where our mechanics perform safety and maintenance to our equipment.

Trucks and Trailers:

Lifts from 2k to 100K lbs:


Specialty Lifts:

Retractable counter weight forklifts, lifting capacities from 25,000lbs. – 60,000lbs.


Retractable counterweight and retractable boom Tri-Lifter, lifting capacities of 100,000lbs. with
forks or boom


400-ton Electric Hydraulic Gantry


Specifications and Capabilities of TrakSporter Heavy Equipment Roller System
Moves up to 100 tons!
Size:   Length 65", Width 30", Height 44", Wt. 1500 lbs.
Solid rubber tires:   13.5"x 4.5"
Engine:   WG750B Kubota 35 cu in. Displ. 23hp
Capacity:   30 ton directly on crawler turntable
Pulling Capacity:   75 Ton
Torque:   10,000 lbs. draw bar pull
Speed:   Adjustable 0-25' per min.
Turning Radius:   360 degrees
Size of crawler unit:   26" L x 31" W x 6" H
Weight:   580 lb
Power supply hose:   30' long (protected by nylon sleeve)
Track Packs:   Solid steel (smooth face)
Crawler is stored in its own compartment self loading and unloading.
Top storage area with 2" rail for tools, blocks, rollers etc.
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