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In Memory of RJ. - April 7, 1956 - November 12, 2008 - We Miss You

RJ had a great vision for our company, and played a vital role in the companies success. His hardliner mannerisms mixed with kindness and understanding made him a great leader, and a business success. Customers will always remember his willingness to go the extra mile to get a job done!

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RJ was such an awesome person, just the nicest, kindest and most thoughtful!

Whatever Amada needed or our customers, RJ was there. Unfortunately sometimes, we'd call with a last minute delivery, and he'd have everything booked on your end; He'd then say, just let me look at the schedule again, and I'll call you back. He'd then call us back, after he waved his magic wand, and he'd say, no problem, we'll be there on your date.

Such a kind gentle man. He really knew the real meaning of "Customer Service". He would do whatever it took for us and our customers, always going the extra mile.

RJ always had that smile in his voice... and always had that zest for always wanting to make everyone happy... and that he did!

RJ was taken much too early, as he had so much more to teach and offer. We miss him so much!

Kindest regards,

Tina Silcox
Amada America



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